What we have to offer
Though we have many skills to offer, we are at our best in the area of soft skills, also known as life skills or people skills. Whether engaged in international diplomacy or negotiating a business contract, skills like Interpersonal Relationships makes the atmosphere warm for striking deals. Soft Skills are the essential skills for success in the work place. Soft skills enhance the effectiveness of CEOs, managers, and others. EQ and Customer Care are often more significant than technical skills. These help keep clients and clients feel happy and loyal. This is where Mindflex come in. Our training modules are built keeping your needs in mind. We customize modules as per your requirements. Some important topics covered by us, other than what has been highlighted on other pages include:

•   Change Management:
Deal with the expected and unexpected and look for the upside. Say yes to uncertainty and the sense of adventure in your life.
•   Teamwork and Team Building :
Put the team ahead of personal agendas. Make everyone feel involved in finding solutions to problems.
•   Self Esteem :
Move around in different groups without losing your individuality. Discover a sense of purpose and confidence in your abilities.
•    Motivation :
Focus the diverse energies and pull everyone together. Motivates all stakeholders within and outside.
•   Presentation skills :
  Facilitate meetings or introduce a product or proposal. Drive home your point of view.
•   Customer service :
  Deal with difficult people. Make customers feel valued and important.
•   Selling Skills :
  You're always selling - whether it's yourself, or your project. Can you sell effectively and confidently?
•   Problem solving :
  To some, problem solving is easy. To others, it's different. Identify a process that works for you and apply it.
•   Proactive Attitudes :
  Say yes to situations and find a way around or through. Encourage yourself towards success.