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Welcome ! You have reached the site of Mindflex, The Learning Organization. Join us as Uday Acharya and I, Anupam, Directors of Mindflex, take you through our programs and introduce you to our winning team. Be our partners in promoting a new paradigm – Training with a Heart.

Our Corporate Soft-skills Training enables you empower your team and take your organization to new heights. We help you improve performance, enjoy better group interaction, and experience higher motivation and energy levels. We combine formal and informal learning to recharge your innovative and creative thinking, and encourage you to take on new challenges with confidence.

Our Youth Empowerment Wing conducts motivational training programs for young leaders in schools and colleges. We flash a reality mirror to show you your inner strengths and potential, and give you a compass to help you navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Our Winning Team of Resource Persons that constitute our Faculty are second to none in their commitment for excellence. We have a combination that combines youth and maturity, courage and care, energy and wisdom, personal insights and corporate savvy.

Take a look at our select programs designed to meet the requirements of today’s world. Contact us now for customized modules to meet your individual and organization needs.

Stress Healing
Journey to Healing: Rising of the Phoenix

Program Outline
Today, Stress destroys more victims than do international wars and terrorism. The underlying Stress of Uncertainty has become a virulent and silent killer that destroys lives, careers, relationships, health, and mental stability. Today the world stands aghast at the extent of human greed, rage, and unfeeling attitude of human beings towards other humans and towards nature. With the human spirit being tested to extremes, what is called for are healing measures and reaffirmation of our spiritual resources.

The “Journey to Healing” is designed to tap into your inner strength and wisdom, to cope effectively with your challenges, and to lead a healthy stress-free life. We present you with insights into the fundamental nature of stress. We help you to recognize your stress factors and to explore alternative ways of dealing with them. We put you in touch with healing therapies based on spiritual principles and encourage you to take forward this healing to all areas of your life.

Participants will Learn to:
• Recognize signs of stress at physical, emotional, and sensational levels
• Focus on your important issues and life-term goals and priorities
• Function as an effective team member and leader
• Relax through breathing, meditation, and visualization techniques
• Create lifestyle changes through healthy habits, diet, exercise, recreation
• Balance work, family, and personal roles
• Survive painful events, heal, and recover with wings of hope and faith.

Clock & Compass
Running with Time or Running against?

Program Outline
How wonderful if we could switch time on and off at will or alter it’s pace.! Sadly, we cannot manage time. But we certainly can manage ourselves in the time available to us. Time does not distinguish between rich and poor. Time is equal opportunity!. It is up to you and me to use time well and profit from it.

This program helps you see how you allocate your time to your various activities ranging from the urgent to the important. It provides you with a yardstick to use your time effectively and to choose which activities are really worth pursuing. From saving time to using time optimally, we help you plan your journey towards health, success, joy, love and fulfillment

Participants will Learn to
• Value and respect time – their own as well as others’ time
• See time as a precious resource and a warehouse of infinite possibilities
• Be flexible in using time rather than a rigid slave to time
• Creatively use unproductive downtime profitably
• Develop better communication and understanding.
• Delegate tasks and assignments
• Develop an action plan for better use of time.


Emotional Intelligence
Mind! Your own Business!

Program Outline
Guess who is the most popular person in your organization? Have you noticed how easily the person relates to you because he or she is so disarming and comfortable in expressing personal feelings? Business, Education, Management, Government, NGOs, can all benefit from high EQ. Emotional maturity has to do with perceiving, understanding and expressing our feelings accurately and to manage them so that they work for us rather than against us.

“Master the mind, master the world.” This is the message of wise masters from the past. People Management requires interpersonal skills. Relationships are made or broken are significantly influenced by the level of emotional intelligence we possess. This Program highlights the constituents of EQ and explores ways to incorporate them in personal and professional life.

What Participants will Learn to
• Be more aware and accepting of feelings
• Feel greater comfort in experiencing complex emotions
• Survive difficult emotions and express them appropriately
• Dialogue with emotions to discover inner motivation
• Communicate feelings/ thoughts through ‘I’ statements
• Explore cooperation as an alternative to conflict


Authentic Communication
Have you found your inner Song?

Program Outline
We express what we are through thoughts, words, and deeds. Communication thus is a valuable tool to communicate what we are, our feelings, our beliefs, expectations, and actions. Communications are essential to all relationships, whether personal or professional. Communication gaps can create a wedge in the relationship and create walls instead of bridges.

Clearing the air of misunderstandings and ensuring authentic communication is the focus of this program. We interact with the participants to explore blocks and obstacles, and identify the hallmarks of good communication. The test of authentic communication lies in the sense of release that is experienced when there is total two-way understanding of each other’s perspectives, and we hear each other’s inner song.

What Participants will Learn to:
• Acknowledge feelings and clarify beliefs and expectations
• Tune in to the content as well as the process of delivery
• Identify mis/match between verbal and non-verbal communication
• Listen to internal voices and note their influence on words and actions
• Take greater charge of the communication process and ensure better understanding
• Get more involved and participative in the process


Youth Empowerment
Ready to look beyond graduation?

Are you ready to look beyond school? Beyond graduation? Beyond your comfort zone?
Looking within for growing beyond is a program specially designed for you. We bring you skills to survive study, exams, stress and fears and to step into a brave new world. Get ready to say ‘Hello World’. Topics we take you through include:

Stay and Play - The Art of ‘fine tuning’ Stress. We live in a stressful society, constantly trying to ‘catch up’ with our school work, homework, friends, and personal life. The saving grace – we can stop becoming victims of stress.

Speaking unplugged - Public speaking is the biggest source of fear in 80% of the people in the world. Learn to face this fear and manifest the orator within you.

Secrets of concentration and memory - There is nothing known as Bad Memory. There are only two types of memory - Trained and Untrained. Unlock the creative potential within and improve your power of recall.

How to Enjoy Exams - Understand the concept of EXAMS, the dynamics of EXAMS, and why is it conducted. We help you prepare well, and make writing exams simple and enjoyable experience.

Awakening the Leader within you - Who is the captain of your boat? Discover the hidden leadership qualities within. Learn to accept responsibility for your life, the basis of good leadership.

Total Quality Personality - Personality is displayed in more than just behavior. It can also be seen out in thoughts, feelings, close relationships and other social interactions.Look into your personality and enhance it so that you make a difference where ever you go.

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At Mindflex, we work with you and your organization to face challenges and changes of a fast paced world. Our experienced facilitators bring their knowledge, experience, human approach and problem solving abilities to you in creative and enjoyable ways. We nurture excellence!  We bring you valuable skill-training programs packed with the rich colours of spirituality , culture, and enjoyable activities. We enable you excel professionally, enhance your interpersonal relationships. We partner you to to empower team members and take your organization to new heights.
Mindflex has a happy blend of experience and youth – we combine the best of wisdom and long term outlook with energy and spirit of Generation Now! The Youth Empowerment Wing of Mindflex conducts training programs for aspiring youth leaders in schools and colleges. Apart from thinking and emotional skills, we also cater to their spirit of adventure and love of nature. We plan outbound programs where the bonding of camaraderie and team spirit enhances their competitive and challenging spirit.

Why we excel

•  We have of some of the best and experienced facilitators for training programs.
•  We focus on practical aspects and keep interactions simple and clear, without too much technicalities.
•  We help you through the process of problem solving to explore alternative solutions. We believe the answers lie within you and merely await the right questions.
•  Our motto is 'sustainable and steady progress over the short, long, and life term' that is founded on universally ethical principles, cultural and spiritual values.
   We believe in growing roots and wings.
•  We consider your success to be our success. We take personal interest in your personal and organizational growth.
•  We connect to the human face of your organization. We believe in training with a heart.
•  Change is inevitable in any organization. We help you to view change as positive, and to excel in times of change.

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Mindflex Facilitators - Profile
Uday AcharyaUday Acharya, Director - Mindflex

Uday Acharya is the Founder Director of Mindflex, and has been conducting Life Skills programs for corporates, educational institutions, and NGOs. He networks with other training organizations like Sytec Associates, and Mainstream Training to conduct these training programs He is a regular guest faculty at ITM Executive Education Centre, where he conducts induction programs for MBA and Executive MBA students. He has conducted Leadership training programs for over 30 schools in and around Mumbai last year in association with Lions Club International. Uday Acharya has studied Vedanta and the traditional scriptures from his teachers H H Swami Dayananda and H H Swami Chinmayananda. He conducts meditation workshops, spiritual camps, and weekly Vedanta classes in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. He has written articles for Life Positive, Asian Age, and DNA and was interviewed by the Times of India on two occasions. He was associated with NAB and NSD Industrial Home for the Blind as placement officer and mobility instructor. Currently working on a book on Stressfree Management.

Anupam AcharyaAnupam Acharya, Director - Mindflex, Faculty for Youth Empowerment

Anupam Acharya is a director of Mindflex Training. A management graduate, he has received training in public leadership through the Mumbai University, and has studied the original Arthashastra in Sanskrit from Radhakrishnan Pillai at Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership . As a specialist in Arthashastra, he has successfully conducted training programs for various corporates including Cheminova Pharma, Varroc Industries, and management institutes like Vivekananda (VESIMSR), etc. He is also a certified practitioner in NLP and hypnotherapy. He has facilitated Mindflex training programs in Leadership Training, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, and Soicial Etiquette for organizations like Steinmetz Diamonds, Chanakya institute (CIMSR) etc. An entrepreneur by nature, he also owns a successful apparel brand. He is currently setting up a program for Entrepreneurship Training for executives and students through the University of Mumbai.

Swami BrahmavidanandaSwami Brahmavidananda, Associate Faculty

Swami Brahmavidananda Saraswati (formerly Acharya Ram Mohan) is a traditional and contemporary teacher of Vedanta. Having lived his life as a sadhu for about 30 years, he has facilitated the growth of many students in different parts of India. Formerly a marine engineer, Swamiji as a youth was inspired by H. H. Swami Chinmayananda. Swamiji studied Vedanta under H. H. Swami Dayananda Saraswati in the ancient Gurukulam system of learning. Later, he spent seven years at Rishikesh in the Himalayas, doing advanced studies in Vedanta under various traditional teachers like Swami Tarananda Giri and Swami Hari Hara Teertha. Since 1985, he has been based in Mumbai, unfolding the vision of Vedanta in his regular classes.

Swamiji conducts programs for private and public sector companies, including some multinational and Fortune 500 companies. His corporate programs include sessions on the Indian Ethos in Management, personal empowerment and other human resource development issues based on a contemporary and pragmatic understanding of universal spiritual principles. Many companies are testimony to the powerful personal transformation that takes place in people who attend these programs. Unassuming and pragmatic, Swamiji effortlessly facilitates participants to maximize their potential in all areas of their lives. Aarsha Vidya Foundation is a registered non-profit trust in Mumbai, established by Swami Brahmavidananda Saraswati. To know more, please click on

Jagdish IyerJagdish Mani Iyer, Associate Faculty

Jagdish Iyer is a unique value adding consultant with 28 years of organizational experience in the field of Banking, Finance and Human Resources. He is a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. As the CEO of SYTEC ASSOCIATES (INDIA) PVT.LTD., he shares his experience and skills in the field of Business Strategies, Project Finance and Training and Development. He specializes in need based business solutions.

In the field of training he is sought after for his expertise in Human Resources Development. He is known for his expertise in Change Management, Communication Skills, Leadership &Team Development, Creativity, Customer orientation, Stress Management HR and turnaround Strategies, Performance Appraisal, Interviewing skills.

T R RamakrishnanT R Ramakrishnan, Associate Faculty

T.R.Ramakrishnan did his B.Com with Development Economics and is an agrominist, an entrepreneur. Mr.Ramakrishnan comes to the training hall with his hands-on experience of twenty successful international negotiations that he had conducted as the Project Consultant with internationally known companies from the US, Japan, U.K., Italy, Germany, Israel, and China. Mr. Ramakrishnan is the preferred Trainer for Confederation of Indian Industry, Godrej Centre of Excellence, and for WTC. He is associated with business schools like SP Jain, Mudra Institute of Communication, ICFAI, Symbioisis, and Swami Vivekananda. He is the Founder President of The Dawn Club, a Centre for Personality Development.

He has been on assignment with FAO of the UN, and Consultant to Tata (floriculture and sericulture), Kirloskar (Sericulture) and SPIC (sericulture and agri-produce exports).. He has been associated with Agricultural Finance Corporation Ltd. He is a Director-HRD Services, Bizsolindia Services Pvt Ltd. Currently he is setting up an exclusive and dedicated ‘Leadership School” in Kolkata, International School of Business. He has been in the forefront in creating an authentic INDIAN SILK LABEL. on the lines of the ‘Wool-Mark’. Currently he is editing his own book: WIN-WIN REDEFINED - A HANDBOOK ON NEGOTIATION SKILLS’. Recently he has prepared question paper in “Negotiation Skills & Breakthrough Leadership” for the newly introduced syllabi pertaining to optional soft skills of the Bombay University.

V A Raju V A Raju, Associate Faculty

Mr V A Raju, graduate from Mumbai University, is a diligent trainer in the area of sales marketing and customer support. His mission is to broaden and develop the vision of corporate Sales & Service executives and business heads. He emphasizes on teaching and giving inputs to revenue earners to increase productivity in a highly competitive environment.

Mr Raju is an excellent speaker and motivator. With his expertise in training, he has inspired people to excel in whatever they do. He endeavors to encourage and inform people, helping them realize their true potential. He believes training not only imparts knowledge but puts one into action. A self made man, he has ceaselessly worked through his career of 25 years in key positions, starting his career as salesman to currently being a director with a leading private company.

Amitha SehgalProf. Amitha Sehgal, Associate Faculty

Ms. Amitha Sehgal is a Master of Philosophy, in Banking & Finance, from the University of Mumbai, with over 24 years of teaching and research experience in India and the United States. She was an Associate Dean, Finance at Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research . Worked as Director of Research at NJBIZ, New Jersey's leading business paper for over three years.At present, a senior faculty at R.A.Podar College of Commerce & Economics and Lead Trainer, Corporate Governance Programme for Directors, Dun & Bradstreet.

She is Guest Co-editor (India) for a special issue on Corporate Disclosure and Governance in India to be published in the India Issue of the International Journal of Disclosure & Governance by the international publishing house of Palgrave Macmillan. She is also an active member on the Board of All India Bank Depositors' Association. A writer of business, banking, economics, and corporate governance, she has published articles in both national newspapers like The Economic Times and international business papers like Business News New Jersey and knowledge@wharton, the research website of the Wharton School of Business. She has designed and executed several corporate training programmes for companies like, Mahindra & Mahindra, Essar Groups Programme for Women Directors, Bharti Group, among others. She is a certified yoga teacher, having taught in New Jersey and India.

Shaila Sehgal

Shaila Sehgal, Associate Faculty

Shaila Sehgal, is an independent training consultant, specializing in attitudinal & behavioural training. She is a Post Graduate from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences, besides being a licensed Neuro Linguistic Programe (NLP) practitioner. She has been Associate Director in a HRD Training & Development Company in Mumbai for 8 years. She is also an experienced counselor, and has worked as Counsellor for B.J.Wadia Hospital for Children.

Shaila Sehgal has rich and varied experience of Training and Development in more than 300 companies in different sectors. She is a training resource person for Bombay Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on Networking Skills, Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Corporate Etiquette, & Business Communication

Arpita Ghosh Arpita Ghosh, Associate Faculty

Arpita Ghosh, is a postgraduate in Physical Chemistry from the University of Mumbai. She began her career in Sales and Marketing and switched over to her main interest – Media. She has experience in Radio presentations, production of ad films, corporate films, voice –over and writing. She also has to her credit published articles and is a Guest Faculty Member at the Xavier Institute of Communications (India), Rai University, Burhani College, MCM and Tilak College (Mumbai University – BMM) Arpita Ghosh has trained for Personality Development under Dr. Tushar Guha and for Life Skills under Acharya RamMohan. She has conducted training modules on Communication Skills, Goal Setting, Lifestyle Management, Developing Leadership Skills, “Life is A Blank canvas – Create your own picture”, and many others at college and corporate level.

R C Thamba, Associate Faculty

R C Thamba is a Degree holder in Naval Architecture from lIT Kharagpur. He has worked in Mazagon Docks, and Lloyds Register of Shipping, retiring as Chief Surveyor from Indian Register of Shipping He is qualified as Lead Assessor in the fields of Quality Management System (to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004), and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001:1996) . He has provided guidance in setting up Quality Management System in Ship Building / Ship Repair sector to many shipyards and other organizations.

Shyamala Acharya, Associate Faculty

Shyamala Acharya is the dynamic person behind many of the Chinmaya Mission Activities in Bombay . A postgraduate in Political Science, she started her career as Lecturer at SIES college Sion and then at Ruia College for many years. Being a committed parent and teacher, she has dedicated her time and energy to inculcate cultural, social, and spiritual values in young minds through Chinmaya Bala Vihars. She excels in teaching creativity and event management, and has taken initiative to sponsor deserving children for school text books and guidance.

Saksham MendirattaSaksham Mendiratta, Associate Faculty for Youth Empowerment

Saksham Mendiratta is currently pursuing management Studies from Mumbai University. He is the President of "Youth Unplugged", a youth NGO based in Navi Mumbai. He has also been associated with a lot of youth interractions, soft-skill trainings in schools and has been introducing the "Buddy system" in schools for the past two years. He holds special intrest and skills in Public speaking and Personality development and is now a trainer with "Mindflex".

Lata ShenavaLata Shenava

Lata Shenava is a Special Educator and Medical Social worker and has about 24 years field experience. Currently she is doing her PhD at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She is a Fulbright Scholar and was affiliated to the Centre for Play Therapy, University of North Texas. She is associated with as visiting Faculty, Examiner and Trainer at S.I.E.S. College of Comprehensive Education, TISS, SNDT, Garodia International School and Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work. Previous experience includes working as Principal and Medical Social Worker, Sevadaan Special School, Chembur.

Lata has conducted need-based programmes and workshops for youth and adults in the community. Her topics include Setting Priorities, Personal Management, Self-Esteem, Values, and Love & Relationships. She also conducts Childrearing Workshops. Her academic qualifications include Masters in Social Work (MSW) from TISS, and Diploma in Special Education from Dilkhush Teachers Training Center. Apart from Vedanta and Indian Philosophy, she takes interest in Bharat Natyam, Tabla, Iyengar Yoga and Tai Chi. She is also a black belt holder in Martial Arts (Taek won do)..

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